One last thing before you go!

To make sure that you get the most out of your experience at Walk-the-Talk Weekend, you receive a FREE one-on-one onboarding call with Stacy herself! On this call, Stacy will talk to you about what you hope to get out of the weekend and how best to prepare for the experience of a lifetime!

Pick your date and time for your FREE 15-minute pre-event onboarding call with Stacy McAlpine!

IMPORTANT: The booking is not finalized until you get to and click the button that says "Schedule Event". Just follow these simple steps below and it will be a breeze:
1. On the calendar below, pick the date you want, then you will be shown times to select from. 
2. Select the time you want and click "Confirm" (YOU ARE NOT DONE YET!)
3. Enter the requested contact details and click "Schedule Event" to finalize the booking -- IF YOU DON'T SEE THESE FIELDS / ARE ON A MOBILE DEVICE make sure you SCROLL DOWN down to ensure you don't miss this important step!
4. Wallah, NOW you're done! A pop up box will indicate that you are confirmed and you will be directed to your confirmation page with details about this exciting event!
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